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Wild Clay Pottery

We are digging our own clay now! It’s been an interesting adventure! I have thrown a few things with it! The clay when raw looks like a yellow-y brown color. When we bisque fire it takes on a burnt orange hue, but glazed and fired, oh wow, it turns a dark chocolate color with a bit of a purple undertone. It’s amazing to throw! But it has a hard time being bent- needs more plasticity, so we are working on that. We tested it with a soil testing kit and are slowly altering it a bit to balance the ph . Meanwhile, it vitrifies to less than 2% which makes it fully vitrified when its fired to cone 5.5. This is an exciting development in our creative adventure of Hyde Park Hill!

Here are some of my pieces! More to come in the future!

My new Wisconsin Wild Clay from my backyard became the perfect vase for some coneflowers from my front yard. 
wildclay planter no 2 large
Large Carved Wild Clay Planter! Available on
small wildclay planter front view2
a small carved planter 

Look for future posts about how we are processing our new found clay! Meanwhile, if you are interested in a piece, I have some available at my Etsy shop,! or contact me on Instagram #hydeparkhill !

Keep creating!


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