Welcome to Hyde Park Hill, the online home of Paper, Pottery & Glass artist, Eileen Boomgaarden. Join me as I design and create in the many areas of my life and the lives of my family! As we say in our house, we like to “make stuff”!

Whether its designing the perfect card for a special occasion or deciding to go on the crazy adventure of making our floor tile for a child’s “swampy pond bathroom” (Did I mention I didn’t know anything about melting glass or making floor tile when that one started?) or creating a new recipe in the kitchen, the creative life is better lived up on Hyde Park Hill!  I am glad you are here!

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I bought a brown and blue sweater-print mug from your table for this past Christmas. My wife, Kim with WeeIrishPhotography introduced me to your products and business as she was the photographer that day. A few weeks ago I was pouring hot water into my mug and heard a cracking. I immediately stopped pouring water into it and cooled it off as quick as I could. I thought nothing of it until I tried using the mug again and found it now leaks. I am so sad because it was my absolute favorite mug. This is not an overstatement. I am wondering if I sent you a picture, whether you could make a replica? I am so sad about my sweater mug!


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