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Cat Love Mugs

Do you just looooovvvveeeeeesssss CATS?!?!

Combining my love of paper craft and my love of pottery, I made these super fun and fabulous CAT LOVE mugs! They feature silhouettes of cats that I die cut from my paper crafting dies. I used removable contact paper to die cut a variety of cat shapes, then put them on bisque mugs I made a week earlier. I then glazed the mugs, removed the die cut shapes and fired them in my kiln. They each hold about 16 oz to 20 oz of coffee or whatever other beverage you enjoy!

If you are interested in purchasing a cat love mug or a licking cat spoon rest, please see my Etsy page! There are a few available!

Cat themes also make a fantastic spoon rests, “yummmmm….whatever was on that spoon was delicious!”

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