Flower Frogs

Flower Frogs

Have you been a Farmer’s Market this summer? I think I most enjoy all the flower sellers! They sell amazing bouquets of fresh flowers! Sometimes making a good arrangement in a vase is hard, but a Flower Frog can help! I have been making flower frogs this summer! They have also been a hit at the outdoor markets where I sell my paper, pottery and fused glass. You can find a variety of flower frogs in my Etsy shop! They sit on top of a jar or vase, some are curved and some are flat. They come in a variety of colors and styles.

Handmade flower frogs from Hyde Park Hill, LLC, available at hydeparkhill.etsy.com

How to make one:

Roll out a slab of clay, to about 3/8″ thick, roll in a design or a texture from lace, a doily or fresh leaves. Cut a 4.5″ circle. Cut out other shapes and styles of holes. If you want it curved, turn it upside down and gently press into a dish to dry. If you want it flat, leave it on a board to dry. I fire mine in a kiln. Since I use stoneware porcelain mix clay it will bisque fire to cone 04. Glaze your piece, fire to cone 5. If you don’t have a kiln and you want to make one, you can make one with air dry clay or oven dry clay, then paint with acrylics and seal with a water based clear sealant.

Enjoy a flower frog today for all your farmer’s market fresh flowers, they are available in my Etsy shop!

Happy Creating!


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