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Carving Clay

It’s been a busy few months, OK, 6 months! :O since I last wrote here. Time flies! My husband finished building me a pottery studio complete with a tiled floor, electrical, a beautiful farmhouse sink and a 1/4 bathroom (just a toilet in a small closet) lol. My studio is amazing!  He also built me an electric slab roller from parts from here and there which I will feature in a future post. It’s not pretty, I should call it “franken-slabb” but it works amazingly well!

But the most amazing thing in these past few months is —–We found clay in our yard while digging for another project! My husband processed the clay and I threw some this week on the wheel and have been carving it. It’s beautiful! It’s a deep chocolate- (at least the test tiles before we really processed it were dark chocolate) I hope it stayed chocolate. It throws amazingly well! There is some in the bisque kiln at the moment. Stay tuned for an update and to see pics of that clay– or visit and follow my semi-new Instagram account, hydeparkhill and see current pics for my wild clay!

In more update news: Yes, I am still making cards! And new glass studio is now being built, near my pottery studio. It’s slow going getting everything set up, but it’s coming along.  So many fun things coming up! Here are some projects I have been working on!

Wheel thrown heart bowl, hand-carved, stoneware clay
seashore mug, wheel thrown and altered, stoneware clay
wheel thrown, hand-carved, beeswax candles available in my etsy shop, hydeparkhill.etsy.com or at claysharemarket.com
IMG_2025[1]Here is a new wedding card I created this spring! I love the lace, flowers and die cuts! But adding the vellum just makes it glow!!

Have a beautiful weekend! And keep Crafting Art!!


4 thoughts on “Carving Clay”

  1. I met you at Mukwonago Farmers Market in Sept. 2019. Love your pottery and ordered 4 mugs with my girls names on them. Had to show my husband your web site. Still want the mugs and wondering how they are coming along.

      1. Eileen, no problem and no delay. Just wanted to know I am still on the list. You have my phone number right? So excited to see them. Eileen M

      2. I sent you a picture of your mugs last night- I finished carving them last night and they are drying slowly for about another week or two. Then I will fire them twice.

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