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New Year, New Designs

Happy New Year!

Wow, it’s been a long time since I have posted on my blog! I’ve been busy making, making, making and not recording! Although, I did start an Instagram feed! Check it out! #hydeparkhill Last fall I had three market events and then Christmas! Now that its the new year, I am excited to have lots of projects and good news to share.

My husband is building me a pottery and glass studio! After a year of having a pottery wheel (SSX Thomas Stuart Skutt Wheel) and making due in a small space (a corner of my basement), now I will have a large space with a bathroom in my mom’s basement. I will also be able to move my glass studio from my porch to the other corner in the basement. My husband has also built me an electric slab roller from parts of an old furnace and a wood planer from Habitat for Humanity Restore. It’s amazing!! It rolls the most amazing even slabs ever! Hand-building has become so much easier with even smooth slabs of clay. When my studio is done I will share pics of my new beautiful creative space!

I have been doing more carving in my clay and adding flowers, using embossing rolling pins and all kinds of other exciting experiments with my clay! I am excited for what this year will hold for creativity and design in my pottery, clay and papercraft!  Below are pictures of my new designs and new creations for the new year! They are available on my etsy shop! hydeparkhill.etsy.com 

Happy Crafting to you!


blue sweater mug brown buttons3 white scrap treesyellow jug side leftsnowflake tree bluesnowflake tree clear glass 2white flower bowl pic 1

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