Pottery Adventures

I decided to make a pond bathroom floor for my son’s new bathroom. What an adventure! Buying clay, getting lily pads from a pond, making molds, making tile, bisque firing, glazing, glaze firing, installing.  I will get to the installing part soon. It’s been an amazing learning adventure. I have never made floor tile before especially not turtles, frogs, fish, lily pads, waterlilies and penny rounds water colored tiles.

Here is the tile laid out on mesh before installation! There are some spaces- those are for fused glass fish! That’s the final touch, making glass koi fish for the pond floor. The glass is cut. The edges have to be ground smooth so they come together neatly and then fused in my glass kiln. Can’t wait until it’s all done! It’s been 8 months since I started making tile! I finished awhile ago but I haven’t finished installing it.

pond floor 1pond floor 2pond floor 3pond floor frog section