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Paper Crafting Meets Glass Fusing!

What?? Paper craft and Fused Glass? How does that work?? Doesn’t the paper burn up? How do you get your stamped image to stay on the glass?

I have been fusing glass for about a year now and it started with wanting to make glass koi fish for my son’s pond bathroom (see the finished bathroom here https://hydeparkhill.com/2016/10/12/pottery-adventures-part-2/ ) it was a pottery and glass adventure! Now I am making glass dishes and glass ornaments, glass pendants, and glass this and that and the more I do, the more I want to combine it with my paper crafting skills so here are some of my pieces. 🙂  Check out my hydeparkhill.etsy.com shop! (link on the side bar)

Supplies I used: System 96 Icicle Clear fusing glass 12″ x 6″ piece cut in half, glass slumping mold (I used one from Delphi Glass called “Sweet Treat” it’s a 7 x 7 mold), Papyros glass fusing fiber paper, mold release spray, white high temperature enamel, snowflake stamps and die from the Snow Kissed Collection from Heartfelt Creations, die cutting machine, glass kiln.

Directions: Cut a piece of glass fusing fiber paper with the large snowflake die. Putting a piece of wax paper between the fiber paper and the die will help the fiber paper to come out easier. Fiber paper is more fragile than regular paper and you don’t want it to rip. Follow the directions for mixing the enamel to stamp. (There is a good video about glass stamping on  Slumpys.com) Using a brayer, apply the sticky enamel to the stamp, be careful not to put too much on and stamp the top piece of glass with random snowflakes, leaving the space in the middle of the glass blank. On your kiln shelf layer a 7″ x 7″ piece of fiber paper, then the snowflake cut from fiber paper, next the blank piece of glass, the stamped piece of glass and put it into your glass kiln. Set for a full fuse. If you need a fusing schedule, please leave a comment and I will be happy to share mine with you. After it is fully fused, leave the die cut in the bottom of the glass, place the fully fused piece on top of your slump mold. Fuse to a slump temperature. When your kiln is below 100 degrees take it out and enjoy! The snowflakes are now a permanent part of the glass and will not wash off.

Below are some other versions I made with different dies! I think the results are stunning! The creative aspect of possibilities is absolutely endless. The bottom picture shows the gentle slope of the dish. Perfect for dessert, appetizers, a hostess gift, candy, endless possibilities!  Enjoy!

Have a beautiful creative day!




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